We have chosen to use a windows environment variable to hold the path to the *.dtsConfig, which is used to configure the *.dtsx package.

– Close all open Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 instances (because changing windows environment variables will have nog effect)

– Add a Windows Environment Variable:

– start > Control Panel > System > Advanced system settings > Environment Variables > New…

– Variable name: SSISPackage_Configuration

– Variable value: C:\Temp\SSISPackage.dtsConfig

– Click on [OK]

– Click on [OK]


– Open the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 solution containing the SSIS project.

– Open the *.dtsx

– Click in the top menu on SSIS > Package Configurations …

– Check the Enable package configurations


– Click on Add …




When you start debugging the SSIS package in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, the configuration will be red from the C:\Temp\SSISPackage.dtsConfig.

In production you can change the path of the environment variable and the configuration will then be red from that location.

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