When you create a stored procedure like:

if exists (select 1 from sysobjects where name = 'GetDataFromTempTable' and xtype = 'p')
    drop procedure [dbo].[GetDataFromTempTable]

create procedure [dbo].[GetDataFromTempTable]

-- Create temp table
create table #MyTempTable
    [Id] int not null primary key,
    [Nummer] varchar(10) not null

insert #MyTempTable ([Id], [Nummer]) values (1, 'Test1')

-- Return all rows from the temp table



and generate code with LLBLGen Pro to call this stored procedure,
it will generate an Action Stored Procedure Call instead off a Retrieval Stored Procedure Call.
This is, because LLBLGen Pro by default automatically generates the return type. see

By changing the user preference AutoDetermineSProcType to false, you can manually change the amount of result sets during the catalog refresh.

Change AutoDetermineSProcType
LLBLGen Pro > File > Preferences… > AutoDetermineSProcType > set to false

Refresh catalog
LLBLGen Pro > Project > Refresh All Catalogs… > Manually select the stored procedures to retrieve
> New number of Resultsets for selected procedures > set to 1

The stored procedure can now be added to Retrieval Stored Procedure Calls instead of Action Stored Procedure Calls.

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  1. Dude, this is a life saver!! I wasted half a day trying to figure out why the tool was making me the tool, this did the trick 🙂 Thanks man!!

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