ResourceBlender is a translation and internationalization application which offers an easy way to manage localized resources for inclusion with different applications. Available as an ASP.NET web application and a WPF desktop application, it makes localizing applications a breeze. ResourceBlender generates localized resources in different formats from a central database for inclusion with different applications.

Key features offered include:

    * Export resources to .NET .resx files, Java .properties, GNU .po / gettext, XHTML entities and more.

    * Import / Export translation data as XML spreadsheets to make editing more convenient.

    * Use one translations database to keep localizations in-sync.

    * Supports MySQL, SQL Server and SQLite, so no external database is required.

    * Migrate from existing .resx or .properties files with an import wizard.

    * Easy for both translators and project owners/admins.

    * Free to use.

    * Automatic machine translation with Google Translate.

    * Custom templates for resource formats.

* … and much more

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