After updating WordPress to 2.8.4 I get the XMLRPC 500 Internal Server Error, when posting with Microsoft Windows LiveWriter

The solution is to change the type of the column post_parent: cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\bin\" mysql.exe –u root -p Enter password: *********************** mysql> use MyWordpressDatabase Database changed mysql> ALTER TABLE wp_posts CHANGE post_parent post_parent BIGINT; See:

Best Practices C#

This article will be updated every time I run into a best practice. Checklist Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Solution and Projects – Solution name should be Customer.Product.sln, like MyCustomer.MyProduct.sln – Project name should be Customer.Product.Subsystem.csproj, like MyCustomer.MyProduct.MySubsystem.csproj – Setup project name should be Customer.Product.Subsystem.Setup.csproj, like MyCustomer.MyProduct.MySubsystem.Setup.csproj – Test project name …