If you want to sum TimeSpan properties in LINQ with C#, use:

            List<TimeSpan> list = new List<TimeSpan>             {
                new TimeSpan(1),
                new TimeSpan(2),
                new TimeSpan(3)

            // TimeSpan.Zero is the initial offset, in this case 0 ticks
            // subtotal is used to sum to items in the list
            // t is the current item in the list
            TimeSpan total = list.Aggregate(TimeSpan.Zero, (subtotal, t) => subtotal.Add(t));


            // Result: 6



Thanks to: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/970178/c-how-to-use-the-enumerable-aggregate-method

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  1. TimeSpan holds its value in a long field for the ticks. So working with ticks should be very effective. To aggregate TimeSpan values you can sum the ticks of the list entries and create a new TimeSpan with the sum.

    TimeSpan total = new TimeSpan(list.Sum(t => t.Ticks));

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