If you want to send SMS text messages from within Microsoft Outlook 2010, you can use ActiveSync (Windows Mobile Device Center).

  • Disconnect you’re HD2 from you’re desktop computer.
  • On the HD2 click on the Windows button
  • Click on Connectivity


  • Click on ActiveSync


  • Click on Menu > Options.. > Exchange Server > Check Text Messages > OK


You will receive a welcome e-mail:

Congratulations! After connecting your mobile device to Exchange Server 2010, you can now send text messages from Outlook 2010 and Outlook Web App on your computer. You can also receive and reply to text messages.
To start sending text messages from your computer, close and reopen Outlook 2010 or Outlook Web App.
Now you’ve got one more way to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues. To find out more about using Text Messaging from your Inbox, click here.


  • In Microsoft Outlook 2010, click on


  • Create you’re sms and send it





Not using Microsoft Outlook 2010

If you are not using Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2010, you can still send SMS text message from you’re PC, by using the tool MyMobiler (http://mymobiler.com/)

  • Install MyMobiler
  • Connect you’re HD2 to you’re pc, on you’re HD2 “Choose a connection type”  Active Sync , click OK
  • On you’re PC open MyMobiler:



  • Click on the Windows button in MyMobiler, then click on HTC Messages


  • Click on New Message



  • Send you’re sms message

3 Replies to “How to send SMS text messages from you’re PC with or without Microsoft Outlook 2010 and a HD2”

  1. Maybe you can help me out. I’ve been enjoying this feature quite a lot. At first, Outlook 2010 would nag me to set up a text messaging account when I tried to either reply to or create a new message from Outlook. Until I tried doing the same in OWA, I actually thought I had to pay for this service. However, OWA actually lets me select “New Text Message” and finds the contact’s cell number, and even Outlook 2007 lets me reply without issue.

    At some point, Outlook 2010 (beta) stopped doing this as well, and I could send/receive texts, from Outlook, through my phone, to my heart’s content.

    This weekend, I did a hard reset on my phone and had to re-setup my ActiveSync account. Since then, I get following wizard in Outlook 2010 (OWA and Outlook 2007 can still send just fine):

    “Configure a Text Message (SMS) Account:

    Of course, following this wizard leads you to a variety of pay services, which is bullsh*t since I KNOW this works with standard Exch2010 functionality.

    Any advice?

  2. I had the very same problem, after a hard reset I could not send any SMS text messages from within Outlook 2010 and yes you don’t have to use a pay service if you use Microsoft Exchange 2010.

    Make sure you’re outlook is connected to Microsoft Exchange 2010.
    Setup a sync partnership in WIndows Mobile Device Center.
    Then folow the steps in this blog post, after changing the “SMS Text messages” setting of Microsoft Active Sync on you’re mobile phone, you should be able to send SMS text messages from within Microsoft Outlook 2010, with you’re Mobile phone.

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