If you want to create a shortcut on you’re desktop to a SharePoint document library, follow the steps on: http://www.endusersharepoint.com/2008/02/13/endusersharepointcom-update-on-creating-a-desktop-shortcut-to-a-sharepoint-library/


This will create a shortcut with a target formated like: "\\MySharePointSite.MyDomain.nl\DavWWWRoot\Site1\SubSite1\Shared Documents"

  • MySharePointSite.MyDomain.nl = Top-level site collection hostheader
  • DavWWWRoot = Indicates the URL should be opened in the Windows Explorer and not Internet Explorer
  • Site1 = First site beneath the top site collection
  • SubSite1 = First site beneath Site1
  • Shared Documents = Document library name

Remember: Pasting the internet URL (http://MySharePointSite.MyDomain.nl/Site1/SubSite1/Shared%20Documents) directly in the Windows Explorer will open Internet Explorer, so you can use the internet URL to open the document library directly in Windows Explorer, you must use the \\MySharePointSite.MyDomain.nl\DavWWWRoot\Site1\SubSite1\Shared Documents format



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