Install the proofing tools for your language (English, French, Spanish are installed by default) for example Dutch.

Then if you want to change the proofing language of a piece of text in OneNote 2010.

Select the text > Review > Language > Set Proofing Languageā€¦ >



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  1. The easiest way, and actually very helpful when you write in more than one language, is to set the different languages in the regional settings of the control panel (you can do this keeping a particular keyboard layout) and then changing languages through the language toolbar.

  2. I’m running OneNote 2010 and the rest of MS Office is 2007. The OneNote was a separate install.
    I’m in Canada and have the regional settings set to Canada (English) and everything works for for Word, Powerpoint, Project etc.
    However, OneNote 2010 insists on proofing with the dictionary language of English U.S.
    If I type in the word “colour”, it becomes underlined in red. I right-click on it and select Spelling and the spelling column appears on the right with English (U.S.). Seriously – how difficult can this be?
    My OneNote options are all set to use English Canada.
    Why does this resist?

  3. Same problem here. I live in Canada, changed the region and input to UK, my default proofing language is UK and it still wants to proof in US English.

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