Mouse pointer disappears, when over textboxes or texteditor in VMWare

When I use a Windows 7 x64 computer and start a Remote Desktop session to a machine running Windows 7 x64 with VMWare 7. De mouse pointer disappears in the VMWare guest running Windows XP, when over textboxes or texteditors.

I found the solution at:



Change the mouse pointer scheme to "Windows Black (system scheme)"

Start > Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers > Windows Black (system scheme)

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  1. jason says:

    You are genius, I have been going nuts trying to guess where the heck my mouse is on an XP VM running on Vista. This was a life saver.

  2. Alex says:

    Thanks alot m8, works perfect.

  3. pwmusic says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. It’s been driving me insane for so long!

  4. Moises says:

    Excellent. I was always struggling trying to find out where the mouse pointer was, but with this tip you’ve saved me some extra work.

  5. Mark says:

    Top tip. Thanks!

  6. Vee says:

    OMG, I thought it was my VM installation and was going nuts looking through all the settings. YOu’re a Genius!!!

  7. Serrus says:

    You’re a Boss!!! I fought long against this damn problem ad you saved my life

  8. James says:


    Change the mouse pointer scheme to “Windows Black (system scheme)”

    Start > Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers > Windows Black (system scheme)

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  9. Rudi says:

    ah, you should sell this to vmware. for a lot of money. Thank you!

  10. James says:

    Worked for me on windows RDP (mstsc) sessions too! Thank you.

  11. Bobby says:

    Discovered this blog to be a solution to my problem on April 3, 2016. Tried VMware 10 and VMware 12 both had issues. Must be an implementation problem for the WinXP OS. Thank you for the solution!

  12. Tom says:

    This tip also worked well for Windows 2012 Server running under VirtualBox.
    Many thanks.

  13. Simon says:

    Thanks for this, It fixed my problem with RDC from Windows 10 to Windows Server 2012.

  14. Will says:

    This is bunny! Cheers!

  15. Lars says:

    Perfect solution, thanks.

  16. Kocho says:

    Thanks !!! This has been bugging me for a long time on my RDP sessions and this solution works.

  17. Kocho says:

    If you don’t like the way the “black” scheme looks (I don’t, the cursor is thick and dark in text editors), select Windows Standard (large) (system scheme) and it seems to work and give me a nicer-looking pointer.