Right click your log file connection, click on properties

In the property windows click on Expressions > ConnectionString




Add the expression:

  "C:\Temp\" +
  RIGHT("0" + (DT_STR,4,1252) DATEPART("year",GETDATE()),4) +
  RIGHT("0" + (DT_STR,2,1252) DATEPART("month",GETDATE()),2) +
  RIGHT("0" + (DT_STR,2,1252) DATEPART("day",GETDATE()),2) +
  RIGHT("0" + (DT_STR,2,1252) DATEPART("hour",GETDATE()),2) +
  RIGHT("0" + (DT_STR,2,1252) DATEPART("minute",GETDATE()),2) +
  RIGHT("0" + (DT_STR,2,1252) DATEPART("second",GETDATE()),2) +



Result will be: C:\Temp\20101126121212.log

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