Because the ASUS EEE Box 1012P is shipped with Windows 7, I first installed XBMC 10.0 (released 19-dec-1010). on Windows 7.


– Download XBMC 10.0 from http://xbmc.org/download/

– Next Next Finish installation.


Network Share

– Create a network share, so all sources in the XBMC database will be pointed to the network share. This ensures you are able to use a shared MySQL database on all XBMC installations in you’re house.

– Created the following folders on the network share

  • Internet Radio (pls files)
  • Movie (Cinema movies)
  • Music (Constains a folder per album with the name Artist – Albumname)
  • Pictures (Contains all pictures)
  • Videos (contains home video’s)



XBMC > Settings


Setting Value
Add-Ons > Album information AllMusic
Add-Ons > Album information Last.FM
Add-Ons > Artist information AllMusic
Add-Ons > Artist information Last.FM
Add-Ons > Movie information IMDb
Add-Ons > Movie information Moviemeter
Add-Ons > Program Add-Ons XBMC Library Auto Update
Add-Ons > Skins Transparency!
Add-Ons > Subtitles XBMC Subtitles
Add-Ons > TV information The TVDB
Appearance > Skin Transparency!
Appearance > International > Region Central Europe
Appearance > File lists Allow file renaming and deletion
Appearance > Screensaver Use visualization if playing audio [Disable]
Music > Library Download additional information during updates
Music > Library Update library on startup
Music > Playback > Visualization None
Music > Audio CDS Play adio CDs automatically
Music > Audio CDS > Bitrate 320 kbs
Network > Services Share video and music libraries through UPnP
Network > Services Allow control of XBMC via UPnP
Network > Services Allow control of XBMC via HTTP
Network > Services Allow programs on other systems to control XBMC
Pictures > File Lists Show video files in listings
Pictures > Slideshow Disable "Use pan and zoom effects"
Skin Settings > General Enable auto scrolling for plot & review
Skin Settings > General Movies – Use extra fanart
Skin Settings > General Movies – Use extra thumbs
Skin Settings > General TV shows – Use posters
Skin Settings > General TV shows – Use extra fanart
Skin Settings > General Music – Use extra fanart
Skin Settings > General Show fanart slideshow instead of visualization
– Disable pan and zoom effects
Skin Settings > General Enable touchscreen modus
Skin Settings > Scripts Show subtitle script button in OSD
Select script: XBMC Subtitles
Skin Settings > Menu Favorites
System > Audio Ouput > Audio output Optical/Coax
System > Audio Ouput > Speaker Configuration 5.1
System > Audio Ouput > Audio output device default
System > Input devices Remote control sends keyboard presses
System > Video output Fullscreen
System > Power Saving Shutdown function: Suspend
Video > DVDs Play DVDs automatically
Video > DVDs Attempt to skip introduction before DVD menu
Weather Breda
Bergen op Zoom
De Bilt





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  1. I tried using XBMC with my 1012P, and for the most part it worked fine, but mkv files tended to stutter and have audio syncing issues, so I switched to MediaPortal, and the problems went away.

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