No more setup project template in Microsoft Visual Studio 2011, Microsoft all in on marketplace?


I can’t find setup project templates in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2011 developer preview and Microsoft says the following on the Visual Studio Setup project templates:


Future versions of Visual Studio will not include the Visual Studio Installer project templates. To preserve existing customer investments in Visual Studio Installer projects, Microsoft will continue to support the Visual Studio Installer projects that shipped with Visual Studio 2010 per the product life-cycle strategy. For more information, see Expanded Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy for Business & Development Products.


Is this because Microsoft wants you to distribute your applications by using the Microsoft Marketplace?

Installing Microsoft Windows 8 on VMWare workstation 8

I was able to successfully install Microsoft Windows 8 as a guest operating system in VMWare Workstation 8 by following the instructions at:

On previous installations of Windows, I would always format the disk during the installation process. In this case I skipped the formatting and all worked well and I saved some minutes on my installation time, nice!


The whole installation process takes less then 10 minutes on a 8 core laptop with 16 GB RAM and SSD.


PS I used the [customize option] to use a LIVE id for signing in to Windows 8.

Nice one Microsoft: Internet Explorer 9 will not let me download Visual Studio 11, but Google chrome will.

When I click to download Microsoft Visual Studio 2011 on MSDN in IE 9, the MSDN Subscriptions Download Manager starts and when I click the [Save] button in the "Save As" dialog box:




The error [The requested file is not available for download. Contact the author of the page that contains the link. This download will be canceled.] appears.




Well in Google Chrome, the download just starts ?!