If you want to remove hiberfil.sys from your Windows 8 installation, you must first disable hibernation.

1. Right click any where on the start screen


2. Click on All apps


3. Right click cmd and click Run as administrator


Open explorer and navigate to [C:\Windows\System32] right click cmd.exe and click on "Run as administrator".


2. Enter: powercfg -h off


3. Normally the file will now be deleted, if it isn’t you can manually remove it.


If you don’t run the command prompt with elevated privileges, you will get the error:
[An unexpected error condition has occurred. Unable to perform operation. You may not have permission to perform this operation.]



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  1. Dank voor de input. Het werkte bij mij alleen vanaf “Open explorer and navigate to [C:\Windows\System32]….”

    Ideaal. Zeker als je maar een startdisc hebt van maar 18gb (asus mini pc)

    C van Hensbergen

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