I wanted to save information found in a file to a database without having to deal with encodings, well I found my solution at



    public class RliResearchTester
        public void Test()
            string input = "Hèllo world";
            byte[] inputBytes = GetBytes(input);
            string output = GetString(inputBytes);
            Assert.AreEqual(input, output);
        public byte[] GetBytes(string str) 
            byte[] bytes = new byte[str.Length * sizeof(char)];
            System.Buffer.BlockCopy(str.ToCharArray(), 0, bytes, 0, bytes.Length);
            return bytes;
        public string GetString(byte[] bytes) 
            char[] chars = new char[bytes.Length / sizeof(char)];
            System.Buffer.BlockCopy(bytes, 0, chars, 0, bytes.Length);
            return new string(chars);


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