To unit test my JavaScript files in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, side by side mine C# unit tests, I use Chutzpah.

Chutzpah comes with 2 Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 extensions:

1. Chutzpah Test Adapter for Visual Studio 2012, allows you to run QUnit / Jasmine javascript test files side by side C# unit tests in the test explorer or continuous build process.

2. Chutzpah – A JavaScript Test Runner, allows you to run individual QUnit / Jasmine JavaScript test files in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 by right clicking a test file and choosing "".


In Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

– Tools > Extensions and Updates…

– Install both plugins and restart Microsoft Visual Studio 2012




Create a new UnitTest project:




Enable "Run Tests after build"

(The "Play" button found at the top of the Test Explorer")

Now when you press CTRL + SHIFT + B the project will be build and all tests will execute.




TIP: Never use CTRL + S to save your file, just use CTRL + SHIFT + B.

Now you can see the C# unit test "TestMethod1" succeeded.



Right click unit test project and click Manage NuGet Packages…

Click install.




Add Code.js and Test.js

The Code.js file will contain the JavaScript code we want to test.

The Test.js  file will contain the JavaScript test code written, by using the QUnit test framework.






Reference qunit and the Code.js file to get code completion in your test code.




Code completion in JavaScript in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 unit test file





Run C# and JavaScript unit tests side by side in the Test Explorer

By pressing CTRL + SHIFT + B



Run only JavaScript unit test file

If you only want to run the QUnit test, right click on the JavaScript Test.js file and choose "Run JS Tests".




If you want to run JavaScript unit tests by pressing a keyboard shortcut, you need to install



Then you can bind a shortcut to the ProjectAndSolutionsContextMenus.Project.RunJSTests command to run JS tests.




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