Microsoft OneNote 2013 on Windows 8 kept on asking for a password to sync a notebook to a local SharePoint site.

This was caused by a Windows 2008 domain controller not pushing domain policy settings to a Windows 8 client.

The Windows 8 client didn’t have the SharePoint site added to the local intranet zone.


To fix this problem I had to manually add the http://* and https://* to the local intranet zone:


Control panel > Internet Options > tab:Security > Local Intranet > Sites > Advanced

Uncheck "Automatically detect intranet network" and add your intranet sites:



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  1. I don’t know how you figured this out. This was also an issue on Windows 7, OneNote 2013 (Office 365) connected to Intermedia’s Sharepoint. Thanks for sharing!

    Duke Le

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