The Task Runner Explorer extension for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 found the gulpfile.js in my project, but the task in that file where not listed, just beneath the gulpfile.js, (No tasks found) was displayed, this was caused by missing dependencies.



To fix this:

Just open a command prompt.

Change directory to the folder containing the file “gulpfile.js”

Then enter: npm install

All dependency for gulp should be installed, now when you op the project in Visual Studio 2013 the tasks should be shown.




  1. Did nothing for me. My package.json does not have any gulp references but then I have other applications where Gulp task runner works without any gulp reference in package.json…

  2. doesnt work. wonder is it has something to do with path in external web tools? recently upgraded node which is under c:\programfiles\nodejs but i guess that covers under localtion $(PATH)

    Nitin Anand

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