# Add table names to the "$tables" array in the order they should be created.
$tables = @(

# Create a table if it does not exist.
# It expects the "create scripts" to be located in a subfolder "Tables".
function CreateTable
    [string]$table = $args[0]
    [string]$file = "{0}\Tables\{1}.sql" -f $PSScriptRoot, $table
    Echo("create table {0}" -f $table) 
    Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance "(localdb)\v11.0" -Database "MyDatabase" -InputFile $file

# Drop a table if it exists.
function DropTable
    [string]$table = $args[0]
    [string]$query = "if object_id('{0}') is not null begin drop table {0} end" -f $table
    Echo("drop table {0}" -f $table) 
    Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance "(localdb)\v11.0" -Database "MyDatabase" -Query $query

function DropTables
    $reverseTable = $tables.Clone()
    foreach ($table in $reverseTable) {
       DropTable $table

function CreateTables {
    foreach ($table in $tables) {
       CreateTable $table


Will drop all tables in $tables if they exist and then will create all tables in $tables if they do not exist.

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