What I learned today


SE-Radio Episode 238: Linda Rising on the Agile Brain


  • Praise the process, hard work, not the person.
  • A person can always learn and get better.
  • If you are the best at something, you are not learning any more (maybe it’s time to pick something else up :-))
  • Offload work to your unconscious mind, it’s able to multitask, the conscious mind isn’t.
  • Embrace the fact that you were in 203th place, because this means you can get better.
  • Embrace hard work, there’s nothing like a free meal
  • This does not mean "do labor intensive work".
  • Talent is overrated, yes people are born with a given brain capacity, but people can grow, and surpass people that have bigger brain capacity, but do nothing with it.
  • Continually do small experiments, instead of a boring retrospective at the end of a sprint.


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In external modules, relationships between files are specified in terms of imports and exports at the file level.
In TypeScript, any file containing a top-level import or export is considered an external module.

Solving: Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table ‘NewInventory’ when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF.




At any time, only one table in a session can have the IDENTITY_INSERT property set to ON. If a table already has this property set to ON, and a SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON statement is issued for another table, Microsoft® SQL Server™ returns an error message that states SET IDENTITY_INSERT is already ON and reports the table it is set ON for.


I was getting the message:

Msg 544, Level 16, State 1, Line 73
Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table ‘NewInventory’ when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF.

This was caused by a script trying to set multiple tables to “IDENTITY_INSERT ON”.

What I learned today

Software Engineering Radio – Episode 236 – Rebecca Parsons on Evolutionary Architecture


Parsons then describes five principles of evolutionary architecture

  • last responsible moment
  • architect and develop for evolvability
  • Postel’s law
    • Be a tolerant reader, as long as the message contains the information you need, ignore the rest.
    • Be a responsible writer, really think about, what you put in a message, because when the message is in the wild, people might rely on specific information in the message.
  • architect for testability
    • When you architect for testability, changes are, you get a good architecture.
  • Conway’s law
    • An organization will design software systems that represent their own communication systems, in other words, the system will be as good as the people are communicating within the organization.


Some side nodes

  • Don’t divide people in silo’s of techniques / layers, so don’t create front-end, back-end, database groups, but divide people’s in functional groups. This does not mean there are no specialist, you need specialist, but the majority of the simple tasks can be executed by non specialist, while the specialist can concentrate on the hard techniques problems.
  • What is architecture: architecture is all the things that people perceive as hard to change – Martin Fowler in Who Needs an Architect

What I learned today

Microsoft Office 2016

Installed Microsoft Office 2016 and I’m impressed by the speed and the subtile transitions used.

Story boarding is improved in PowerPoint 2016:




Thunderbolt 3

Thunderbolt 3 is compatible with usb 3.1 type c and it allows for dockings like:



Node.js Tool 1.1 RC2 for Visual Studio 2015

Installed the Microsoft Node.js Tool for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and I’m really liking it!


From within Visual Studio 2015 > TOOLS > Extensions and Updates…



Then to create a new TypeScript node.js commandline application > FILE > New > Project… > Installed > Templates > TypeScript > Blank Node.js Console Application.




I created a project with the name “Gulp” to try some gulp tasks.

You can just set a breakpoint on the console.log line in the app.ts file and hit F5 to start debugging:



No audio over HDMI on Windows 10 with Intel® HD Graphics 4600 fixed by disabling Hyper-V

I have spend literarily days figuring out this problem. When I fresh install Windows 10 on my Shuttle DS81 I get audio over HDMI when connecting my LG TV to it, then something changes on my system and I got no audio over HDMI.


The fix

Turns out that disabling Hyper-V fixes the problem.


I think installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 enabled Hyper-V but I’m not sure.

On this device audio over HDMI is more important then Hyper-V, but I still like Microsoft to fix this problem. This problem exists since a technical preview somewhere begin 2015 and even exist in the current release build of Windows 10.


The weird thing is, that every things seems to work fine, the green bars are showing, just no sound over HDMI:



What I learned today

Today I’m trying to start a new habit, blogging each workday at least one thing I learned that day.


My favorite interview question


Suppose you could design your dream job that you’ll be starting on Monday. It’s at your ideal company with your ideal job title and salary. All you have to do is tell them what you want to do at your job and you can have it. What does your job entail?


.NET Rocks show 1193


  • The future is now it just not evenly distributed – William Gibson
  • Parts of Windows 10 and parts of Office 2016 are written in “universal XAML”, this gives me confidence Microsoft will not pull the rug from under this technology and will not repeat a Silverlight disaster.
  • UI paradigms are often domain specific, indicating a animal has diseased, by showing a picture upside down, will probably not be used in a financial app, but can be a good indicator inside a cattle app.
  • Reusing skills is more important, then running the same code every were.
  • Invest in UI paradigms not in specific techniques, like in code, invest in design patterns not in a specific implementation.