Today Iā€™m trying to start a new habit, blogging each workday at least one thing I learned that day.


My favorite interview question

Suppose you could design your dream job that you’ll be starting on Monday. It’s at your ideal company with your ideal job title and salary. All you have to do is tell them what you want to do at your job and you can have it. What does your job entail?


.NET Rocks show 1193

  • The future is now it just not evenly distributed ā€“ William Gibson
  • Parts of Windows 10 and parts of Office 2016 are written in ā€œuniversal XAMLā€, this gives me confidence Microsoft will not pull the rug from under this technology and will not repeat a Silverlight disaster.
  • UI paradigms are often domain specific, indicating a animal has diseased, by showing a picture upside down, will probably not be used in a financial app, but can be a good indicator inside a cattle app.
  • Reusing skills is more important, then running the same code every were.
  • Invest in UI paradigms not in specific techniques, like in code, invest in design patterns not in a specific implementation.




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