Microsoft Office 2016

Installed Microsoft Office 2016 and I’m impressed by the speed and the subtile transitions used.

Story boarding is improved in PowerPoint 2016:




Thunderbolt 3

Thunderbolt 3 is compatible with usb 3.1 type c and it allows for dockings like:


Node.js Tool 1.1 RC2 for Visual Studio 2015

Installed the Microsoft Node.js Tool for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and I’m really liking it!

From within Visual Studio 2015 > TOOLS > Extensions and Updates…



Then to create a new TypeScript node.js commandline application > FILE > New > Project… > Installed > Templates > TypeScript > Blank Node.js Console Application.




I created a project with the name “Gulp” to try some gulp tasks.

You can just set a breakpoint on the console.log line in the app.ts file and hit F5 to start debugging:



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