SE-Radio Episode 238: Linda Rising on the Agile Brain


  • Praise the process, hard work, not the person.
  • A person can always learn and get better.
  • If you are the best at something, you are not learning any more (maybe it’s time to pick something else up :-))
  • Offload work to your unconscious mind, it’s able to multitask, the conscious mind isn’t.
  • Embrace the fact that you were in 203th place, because this means you can get better.
  • Embrace hard work, there’s nothing like a free meal
  • This does not mean "do labor intensive work".
  • Talent is overrated, yes people are born with a given brain capacity, but people can grow, and surpass people that have bigger brain capacity, but do nothing with it.
  • Continually do small experiments, instead of a boring retrospective at the end of a sprint.


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