Yes: Cycle.js is getting some TypeScript love


In his blog post: mentions:

I am a JavaScript programmer, and I make some libraries. Recently, however, I’ve been writing TypeScript for RxJS version 5 (used in Angular 2 which is also authored in TypeScript),

and I’m in the process of rewriting Cycle.js in TypeScript.

I find the cycle.js framework very interesting and I love to see it written in TypeScript, so kudo’s for André Staltz, when he accomplishes this.

Create a Visual Studio 2015 Project Template and upload it to the gallery

The most simple way to create a Visual Studio 2015 Project Template, is to start from an existing project template.

In short:



The installation folder for the custom templates will be:




Upload to gallery

When you have created the Visual Studio extension, there is just one step left: uploading to the gallery:

Go to and sign in.




Upload *.vsix



Enter some meta data





Don’t forget to publish!



After the publish you should find your project template in Visual Studio:

File > New > Project… > Online > search