Nice article on: JavaScript variable scope hoisting

0 Comments Things to Remember All declarations, both functions and variables, are hoisted to the top of the containing scope, before any part of your code is executed. Functions are hoisted first, and then variables. Function

Fix error: command ‘workbench.action.git.sync’ not found


In a previous visual studio code version I created a custom keybinding: { “key”: “ctrl+shift+s”, “command”: “workbench.action.git.sync” } In the current version of visual studio code I got the error: Warn: command ‘workbench.action.git.sync’ not found.

Fixing errors CS1525 and CS1003 in MSBuild


When building a Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 solution that uses C#6 and C#7 features from the command line (PowerShell), I was getting the errors: MyClass.cs(845,112): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘decimal’ [Web.csproj] MyClass.cs(845,120): error CS1003: