Can’t create shortcut for a specific Google Chrome person in Windows 10

On Windows 10 I created multiple person accounts in Google Chrome and normally I could just select the correct person in the people dialog and then create a shortcut to google chrome by right clicking on the icon in taskbar and clicking on “Pin to taskbar”, but this time in Chrome 83 it would not sign in with the selected user, after clicking on the taskbar icon.

To fix this problem I just removed all persons from chrome and added them back. After that I could create separate shortcuts on the Windows 10 taskbar to specific signed in users.



Tags vs Categories WordPress blog post writing in Microsoft Word

It is still not possible to add tags to a blog post from within Microsoft Word, but you can add multiple categories.

So I decided to divide my blog posts in categories and no longer in tags.



Configuring Material Design line-height

When using material design in an Angular app, we encounter a problem: The letter ‘g’ was not entirely visible.

The problem was the chosen font family (Open Sans). To fix the problem we decided to increase the line-height for inputs in the material design styling configuration

To adjust the line-height for inputs inside Material Components use:

$input: mat-typography-level(16px, 1.3, 400),



Formatting T-SQL code in Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio and VSCode

You can use ApexSQL Refactor to format T-SQL code in Visual Studio or SQL Server Management Studio.

It has a lot of options to customize the formatting of your T-SQL Code.


To format T-SQL code in VSCode you can use the extension SQL Formatter, but it does not have many options to customize the formatting of your T-SQL Code.

I also tried Poor Man’s T-SQL Formatter, but I did not get it integrated into VSCode yet.













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