In TypeScript you need to import the library ‘winston-daily-rotate-file’ like, so:


import ‘winston-daily-rotate-file’


import { createLoggerformatLoggertransports } from ‘winston’;

import ‘winston-daily-rotate-file’;


let _winstonLoggerLogger;


function initialise() {

  _winstonLogger = createLogger({

    format: format.json(),

    transports: [

      new transports.Console({

        format: format.combine(format.colorize(), format.simple()),






function addRotatingFileSystemLogging() {

  const options = {

    filename: ‘application-%DATE%.log’,

    datePattern: ‘YYYY-MM-DD’// Rotate every day

    zippedArchive: true,

    maxSize: ’20m’,

    maxFiles: ’31d’



  const transport = new transports.DailyRotateFile(options);





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