Solving: "Could not activate cellular data network" on a Vodafone iPhone 4 after iOS 5 upgrade.

After updating mine Vodafone iPhone 4 to iOS 5, all was working well, except no data connection.

Error: Could not activate cellular data network. You are not subscribed to a cellular data service.

I found mine solution at:


Personal Hotspot

One very nice thing about the iOS 5 update, is the return of Personal Hotspot. On my iOS 4.3.3 update the menu item Personal Hotspot disappeared, now it’s back, so I can share mine internet connection on my iPhone with other devices.

Books tab not showing after installing iBooks 1.3 on iPhone 4

After installing iBooks 1.3 on my iPhone 4, I did not see the Books tab in iTunes. Even after restarting iTunes and my iPhone 4 the Tab would not show.

I e-mailed a PDF to myself and from the e-mail I added the PDF to the iBooks app on my iPhone 4 after restarting my Windows 7 x64 machine I was able to see the books tab in iTunes, don’t know if rebooting the Windows 7 machine would solved the problem without adding the pdf from the e-mail to the iBooks app: